Valuable Tips That Can Help You Accessorize Better

Sis Loves Me Series
Keep your porn safe – Sis Loves Me

No matter whether you are a fashion-forward or someone not following the latest trends –if you can match up your dress with accessories, you look changes and for better. Here are the important hacks to help you accessorizing –

  • Keep your porn stash safe – if you are a big lover of Sis Loves Me you must know it’s still controversial taboo genre. Well, step brothers and step sisters in porn is not something society is ready to accept with opened arms. But we know it’s going to happen sooner or later so for now just keep enjoying the weekly updates! Just keep it safe.
  • Accessorize in a way you feel comfortable –don’t go for accessories that are so out of your boundaries that you would never feel confident enough to wear them in public. Make sure you have the key accessories like rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, belts, pair of multi-purpose shoes and bags, glasses and scarves while knowing how to use them.
  • Don’t overdo your accessories as a matter of showing-off –match the metals and hues but do not go for complete jewelry getup unless it is for a formal get-up. Mix and match between earrings and necklaces.
  • Make understated dress look great with a choice of bold accessories such as contrasting pieces of jewelry and bag for a complete look. Neutral colored outfits can always make use of colored accessories.

  • Matching outfits and accessories not only look outdated but also give a vibe that you haven’t put any effort in accessorizing. Unless you feel confident to show off a full-black outfit with black pumps, black bag and black glasses, there are always ways of mixing up with white or bright colored outfits and accessories like scarves, beaded necklaces and clutch.
  • If you are wearing two clothing pieces that look too contrasting or mismatched, go for an accessory that uses color patches from both the clothing such. You can also use a color that does not necessarily match but compliments both the clothing items.
  • The size of the accessories matters when you have worn a dress with some detailing on the sleeve or neck. Do not go for gaudy necklaces any scarf if the neck area is detailed. Go for a minimalist bracelet or one/two rings when the sleeve is detailed. Also, do not team up a large earring with a large heavy-work necklace or a large handbag with an oversized gown.

  • The accessories you choose should enhance your natural features –heels to make your legs look elongated, long chain necklace or a choker to highlight the collarbones, nose pin to highlight a sharp nose and large earrings to accent cheekbones.
  • Do not blindly follow an accessorizing style from any person in real-life or in magazines –check whether you have the same features as your inspiration or somewhat the similar outfits and whether you can do the similar make-up to complete the accessorized look.

From a belt to give your parallel dress an edge or an oversized hat with easy-breezy Bohemian gown –there is no scarcity of accessorizing ideas. Ask yourself what you feel confident in and create your signature style.

10 Bright And Fun Spring Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019

As every time that summer is coming, we get ready to wear our flashiest most colorful outfits and look our best under the tanning sun. Summer screams bright colors and short clothing to us and this is how to pull it off. Follow these 10 fun spring summer trends and look your best this time of the year.

Black For Wife

Black For Wife - Moms & Milfs
Black For Wife – Moms & Milfs

This website is the real cyber trend of summer 2019. If you fantasize about smoking hot wives and MILFs getting crazy with their black colleagues then this series is totally for you. We explore the hidden dark cravings of these beautiful and sophisticated mature women. And we are pretty good about it. This website is already available for streaming here.

Animal Print

Animal print never goes away entirely, it is the eternal comeback. What is the fun in wearing animal print in 2019? The fun is that you have permission to wear it anyway you want it and with any other thing you feel like it too. 2019 is the year of the combinations and the bright colors, so if you want to wear strong pink animal print with a purple shirt underneath and matching shoes, you are very welcome to do so.

Fluo (Short) Shorts

This is both for men and women. When you hit the beach, this year make sure to have some colorful swimsuit, preferably fluorescent and also take good care of its length. The trend for this year is to wear really short and really colorful shorts. One tip is to avoid orange, so you won´t be called Mitch Bucannon the entire summer.


Lavender is back and big time; especially for the ladies, we´ve seen them in the runway in all shapes imaginable. Whether you want to wear just one lavender piece or an entire outfit, lavender is the hippest color for this summer/spring season. One extra tip is not to forget the sunglasses, it looks awesome with white frames and dark shades.

Tartan In Many Colors

Tartans are back and they didn´t come alone, they brought many colors with them. Fabrics with which they are made this season resemble those of the late eighties with colorful, checkered materials. Don´t be left out and show everyone tartans are cool again.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are the hippest accessory for this summer and the good news is that they come in all sorts of different colors, inscriptions and shapes. Yes, you should choose colorful, fun and trendy ones to match your outfit. Sometimes it can be a cool one-off item that can break a classic look.

Linen Suits

Linen suits are the best choice for summer and spring. They are not only for the office people, but also for casual wearing and crazy night outs. You can find them in all sorts of colors and even mix them up if you like. Linen is back, are you in?

Printed Shirts

We are talking about heavily printed shirts with colorful and fun motifs that can be anything from flowers to cars to childish Disney characters. The important spec of these kinds of shirts is that they have to draw a lot of attention by themselves as a piece of hip clothing.


Stripes are back! Yeah, they are back and big time. The ones making the comeback are the vertical ones with a white background and in diverse colors like blue, green, red and all fluo versions of them. you can combine them with plain pieces or wear stripes over stripes.

90s Retro

Not so long ago it was time for the 80s retro to take the mainstream and right now is time for the 90s to take it up too. Think of saggy pants, keychains, and of course: bumbags. There have been several differences to make this look more into a 2019 version like for example to wear your bumbag across your chest instead of doing it on your waist. Dust off your old wardrobe, it is time to wear it again.

Pastel Colors

Light pink and sky blue made a big comeback this season and we spotted them all over the runway for this spring summer. The best way to wear them is on a two- or three-piece suit, but you can also wear it in shirts, t-shirts and pants.


Looking awesome is an everyday task and it starts with your wardrobe. Following these simple tips and trends, you will be the best-dressed man of the pack. Just lay back and enjoy the warm temperatures, your newly-bought clothes will do the rest.

Fashion Trends That Did Not Make 2018

In as much as letting go is hard, giving up something symbolizes the beginning of something else that might turn out to be much better. Fashion keeps on changing every year ushering in new trends while some types of fashion fades away for a while. According to the spring 18 runaway trends, some styles need to remain behind.

Shoplyfter – Series That Make 2018

While many fashion trends failed, there is one series in adult entertainment that hasn’t stopped since its launch – it’s called Shoplyfter and I think many ladies will like this fantasy. It’s all about sexy girls getting punishment for… stealing from retail shop. Taken to backroom of the shops they are stripped naked and abused by prevention officers. Sounds crazy, but remeber this is just a fantasy… that apparently many of us love!

Fashion Trends That Did Not Make 2018

Corset Belts

Kim Kardashian was known to be the queen of rocking corset belts in 2017. For a while, corset belts on top of straights dresses became every ladies new look. These belts made their curves more pronounced concealing big tummies.

Corset belts were convenient since you could accessorize almost every outfit with it and look nice. The belt style is now a thing of the past being replaced by wide colored belts to match your dress in 2018.

Fanny Packs

The fanny packs common during 1980’s came back in 2017. Almost everybody started carrying either bucket bags, baby bag packs that are customized to look like teddy bears or buckets. These mostly came in smaller sizes used to store some few accessories as you travel.

It has been efficient for some time but people are now looking for new shapes of bags in 2018. That is why fanny packs have been replaced by fringe bags this year.

Bomber Jackets

In 2017, bomber jackets have been greatly overused. All the fittings have always been accompanied by a bomber jacket on top due to a wide variety of colors. People have been using the mix and match style to make their outfits complete with a bomber jacket.

The jackets make you look young and trendy. Fashion experts decided that it is time for something new since we have seen enough of these jackets. In 2018, sharper edged blazers have replaced bomber jackets to give you a more professional look.

Cold Shoulder Look

Tops designed to completely expose your shoulders have been popular styles in 2017. Even if celebrities in 2017 have been known to make a fashion statement with the cold shoulder look, such a top limits you from being fully mobile. This style did not make it in 2018 since it has been replaced by ruffles that make you feel younger and classy.

Millennium Pink

Pink is a favorite color to most ladies. This shade was seen in most dresses and tops around town last year. Ladies are now breaking the monotony of millennium pink and adapting new colors in 2018. The new shade of purple known as lavender looks much better on outfits. It is time that you got rid of all the pink in your closet and moved with the new trend.

Skater Sneakers

These kinds of shoes have been known to match with all your jean pairs in 2017. Dad sneakers have been found to look much better than skater sneakers. This is why you will find so many people adopting dad sneakers in 2018. Models such as Bella Hadid have set the pace for everyone else to move with the flow to achieve a more attractive look.


Top Female Trends to Expect in 2018

Trends! They’re always everywhere, aren’t they? Technology trends, food trends, social media trends and of course, fashion trends. When it comes to fashion trends, there’s millions of them, unquestionably – winter/fall fashion trends, summer/spring fashion trends, fashion trends enthusiasts want to die and even fashion trends that have died already. Fortunately, some companies even predict fashion trends for folks.

Today, the world spins incredibly fast. It might feel as though there’s new fad born every minute.
So what does 2018 hold in terms of fashion? Everything seems to point to the fact that some of the biggest fashion trends will take shape this year.

The following are some of the female fashion trends that are going to be crucial and most popular in 2018:

#1: International Labels

Undeniably, fashion remains a global language. In the past couple of months and years, we’ve witnessed flourishing street wear scenes coming up from all over the world. Some of the exciting fashion gurus currently hail from countries such as Korea and the former Soviet Union. Their brands are killing it. Every week in 2018, expect to witness impress new talent from even those countries you never thought of.

21st century designers understand the power of social media. In fact, they’re harnessing it to scale their visions to the global stage. Fashion designers from Lagos to London now have the ability to not only communicate but also consume street culture at the mere touch of a button. In the recent past, labels such as Ader Error and Gosha Rubchinskiy have been alluring to the Western viewers since they translate familiar motifs in unfamiliar and new ways.

#2: Off-the-Shoulder Outerwear

The failure to put on your jacket properly was a huge fashion trend. Actually, it hit the street style circuit sometime last year. This styling move has drastically infected many of the other wardrobe staple as well – even the hoodie. Indeed, putting on a jacket nonchalantly off your shoulders and then exposing yourself to the cruel elements of winter is non-practical. However, the half-on, half-off look is not going anywhere anytime soon. The good thing about this trend is the fact that it’s amazingly easy to accentuate what you’re putting on underneath your outwear.

#3: Oversized Fits 2.0

The fad for oversized fits (read everything) isn’t going anywhere. Super-sized hoodies featuring dramatic sleeves were big in 2017. Consequently, it’s not surprising that this trend has managed to maintain cult status for 2018. Nonetheless, the slouchy teez aren’t the reserve of hoodies anymore. These days, everything from shirting to outerwear to trousers is enjoying XXL treatment. Vetements designer Denna Gvasalia is popular for setting the agenda for billowing proportions and elongated sleeves.

#4: Vibes from ‘The Matrix’

Without a doubt, The Matrix is and will always be a top action thriller of all time. The fact that the movie is almost nearing its 20th birthday, it’s not surprising that designers have begun to take cues from the impressive masterpiece from Wachowski Brothers. Of late, futuristic sunglasses, hard-as-nails combat boots, and Morpheus, & Neo Trinity’s leather trench coats have been popping up all over runways.

2018 fashion trends are starting to crystalize for editors, buyers, and designers to start planning the season. From saturated anoraks and color to sheer transparencies, the possibilities are endless in the fashion world in 2018. The above are some of the trends you can expect moving forward.

Bratty Sis & Family#5: Being Extra Bratty!

This is very special point, because it’s not about fashion, clothes and designers… for a change 🙂 It’s about your self-being. It’s going to be a big year for spoiled, bratty and self-centered behavior. Surprised? Well, me as well, but this is what I read on many different websites. And what’s funnier… Look what I found – an actual website dedicated to bratty step-sisters. It’s adult only though, so beware! But this just makes my point – we are living in very egoistic world 🙂

Fashion Killed Their Shy-Factor. Welcome To Tiny4K Club

I was online the other day looking for something new. Not weird new, but mixing it up new. After scrolling through a few sites, getting hard, ready to blast, I stumbled upon the site, This site is full of tiny and young little nymphets waiting to jump on a hard rod and get it to implode inside them. That’s the great thing about this site, aside from the excellent production quality, is the rawdog, bareback action.

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There’s so many choices and options on Tiny4k that you could spend the whole weeks browsing for your favorite. Here are some things that stuck out (no pun intended) about the site:

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These girls love the action, they love the attention, and aren’t camera shy. They want you to get off, but best of all, they are tiny, tight, and horny sex addicts. And they are always available for your viewing pleasure at Tiny4K.

When Girls Have Nothing To Say – Series

Sometimes girls need to stay quiet… Welcome to the world of submissived. Let’s review it!

Dedicated bondage fans appreciate a chance to watch these films. They are an art form in their own right, with a large following. Go to to see a new generation of young porn stars play their part. All performers will be of legal age when the clip starts. There is a great selection of clips in store for the dedicated viewer to follow. People want to learn more about and the effort that took place. Their team is renowned for their understanding of bondage as a technique. That makes each clip exciting and a little dangerous at the same time.

Tour The Site:

Feel free to take a tour of whenever possible online. People simply want to contribute to the content that they see. The clips are all a great example of bondage at its finest. will feature all kinds of unique positions and scintillating stars for the screen. Online videos have proven to be one of the most popular formats. Viewers from all around the world have taken the tour. They became dedicated fans in their own right afterwards. People just appreciate the skill and coordination to do a new bondage clip.

Create A Profile:

The team will welcome new people to get involved with the site. Create a profile that can be used to visit the site each day. Fill in a few basic details that will make the experience easier overall. People want to customize their profile and even add a user name along the way. That is fun and simple before accessing the content online. There are reasons why the team has included that option. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for the site. That will explain some of the important details to new viewers in an online context.

Become A Member:

Sign on to any number of different membership packages through It is possible to agree to a simple 30 day membership offer. That provides a month of unlimited access to these videos. Many users tend to prefer that and opt for recurring payments each month. Other members may prefer the 6 month membership package. That actually costs less in the long run because of lower rates. Look for the details for each package before choosing one. Finally, there is also a year long membership package for people to pursue. Expect to get 365 days of total access to the online market.

Rate New Videos:

The team is constantly updating the site and will welcome feedback. Wait to see some of the most incredible videos get posted online. People check in to these ratings whenever possible to find out the content. Join up with other members who rate new videos as they are posted. Take the submissive content in to consideration, along with the actress in the video. That will help the team organize videos as they are rated by members. These ratings are some of the perks of being a member online as well. Talk to other members to get their take on the performer themselves.

Understand Bondage Ideas:

Learn more about bondage and why these performers choose that role. Bondage is a timeless sex act that will thrill audiences. People enjoy the opportunity to tour the site and follow actresses. Ropes and ties are commonly seen in some of these videos as well. People get familiar with the bondage that they witness through the clip. A few ideas have been discussed among many members. That makes it easier to think through the details and research options online. Take pride in being a member of a popular site too.

Follow Actresses:

Many new actresses will make a name for themselves with these clips. That is their chance to break on to the porn scene itself. will introduce several new actresses through their site. Get familiar with the content and learn the actresses information along the way. Some of them are fairly young and have their own careers. Their background information may be interesting for dedicated bondage fans. Get to know the performers and why they have chosen that lifestyle. Many actresses are drawn in to the world of porn that they now know.

Top DIY Fashion Trends of 2016

Fashion is the subject to changes. Perhaps what you wore last year and even last month is now out of the fashion trend. Maybe, this is the reason that Fashion is the biggest industry ever and it is constantly evolving but is has one fact more associated with it and that not all are able to keep up with the pace of this everyday changing fashion industry and the majority of people have to wear what is the out of fashion season, but not anymore.

DIY or “Do It Yourself” fashion is what that helps and protects you from bearing the pain of not being able to invest a large sum of money on the everyday changing scenario. With the DIY fashion trends, you can save your money and maintain the pace of fashion too, and you don’t need to throw out your favorite pair of jeans you bought last week and couldn’t wear because out of nowhere it went out of fashion. So, follow these top DIY fashion trends of 2016 to avoid feeling out of the league of the most important industry in the world.

  • Cut out shoulders

Cut out shoulder tops and dresses are rocking the fashion industry and right from the biggest celebrities to the elite class ladies, everyone is going mad for this particular style. If you too want to own one, you don’t have to buy a new one if you are running out of your pocket money this time. You must have dresses and tops that you stopped wearing because of their quarter and full-sleeves. Take out that dress and mark the area on the dress where you will have a cut. Cut that area and stitch them from within to give them a complete look. If you want, you can decorate the edge of the cutting area with stones or beautiful buttons to give it an expensive look.

  • Printed Pants

There was the time when printed pants went out of fashion, and one colored pant made their way, but the table has gone round, and the printed pants again have made their way. If you don’t have one, don’t go for buying them as there is one more way to create them yourself. If you have a cotton printed bedsheet which you like, take them out, and stitch them yourself or give it to a tailor. You will get a printed pant without investing much.

  • Lacy edged jeans

This trend is getting a lot of consideration and attention for being an out of box fashion invention. If you want the same kind, then don’t go for buying a new one. Just take out your favorite pair of jeans, cut it to make it ankle length and stitch lace on the edge of the jeans and you will have a new pair of your own.

Just like these, there are many more DIY trends that dominated the fashion era of 2016 and still will rule in coming years.

10 Fashion Blogs That Took the World of Fashion Further

Do you want to make aunique style statement that people can follow always? Then, you should watch out the fashion blogs around the world for exclusive international fashion. To know more about the fashion world, you can go through this list of the top 10 fashion blogs around the world that have added much drama to the fashion world. For this particular list we don’t mention the newest product of 2017 – a blog about fake schools with driving (and it’s absolute must-see, you can count on that!)


This belongs to Dutch-born fashion blogger Charlotte G who dwells in the New York City. The uniqueness of this blog is the descriptions of designer skirts where she amalgamates classic staple with ultra-feminine style.

  1. Helena Bordon

She has inherited her fashion senses from her mother, Donata Meirelles who was the top style director of Vogue Brazil. Not only a successful fashion blogger, but Helena is also the co-founder of Brazilian street fashion chain 284. Her is not only for thefashion world, but also she provides beauty tips.

  1. The Blonde Salad

This is the brainchild of Chiara Ferragni, an Italian fashion blogger who is as popular in Europe as in the USA. You can guess her popularity by knowing that the number of her followers on Instagram has crossed over 3 million.

  1. Pernille Teisbaek

For street style, this blog has really brought revolution. As soon as the famous blog, Look De Pernille was launched, it became acult. The raw hemmed jeans with Gucci loafers brought fashion explode in the world of international fashion and became one of the most favorites among the celebrities.

  1. Song of Style

A 28-year-old fashion designer, Aimee Song has caught the pulse of the street style fashion among the youth and come up with exclusive designs which have made her so popular that she has more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

  1. Man Repeller

New Yorker Leander Medine is the creator of this blog who stepped into the world of fashion with her first blog Boogers+Bagels. The uniqueness of her fashion blog is that she starts it with utter fun elements and then gives readers a joy ride to her fashion world.

  1. Wendy’s Lookbook

Anyone, who search fashion blogs and videos on YouTube, is familiar with this name. At present, she has more than 600,000 subscribers. Her upbringing as afoster child and her experiences reflect on her fashion work, and she also talks about it to her readers.

  1. Park & Cube

Shini Park was basically a photographer and graphic designer whose experience in these sectors helped her lot to create a graphical fashion line and a unique fashion blog. The best part of her blog is the DIY part where she describes the style statements to follow with lots of pictures.

  1. Kayture

This belongs to a 21-year fashion blogger, Kristina Bazan who always work with the high-street fashion and she is accompanied with the biggest tycoon of the fashion world, like Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, and others.

  1. Stella’s Wardrobe

And you’ll find incredible things there. The hand-written font style to exclusive illustrations, her blog is here to win hearts.

These are top 10 blogs which have brought revolution in the fashion world and can help you to see the world from a different point of view.

Top Fashion Blogs

A decade has passed since the concept of fashion blogging entered the industry. After a tough battle, and going through difficult times, fashion bloggers are now considered to be a part of the fashion industry. They are considered to be important, can be seen at the front rows of major fashion shows and also stars on prominent magazine covers. Some fashion bloggers have really made it big, to become household names and multi million dollar business owners.

Here is a list of the top fashion bloggers from all over the worlds who have been influential to the industry, having a serious impact. :

 Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad

This 28 year old Italian based in Los Angeles has managed to secure the high rank in several fashion blogger ratings. With over 25.6 million Instagram follows, a successful website which is popular in both USA and Italy, and 1.2 million of Facebook subscribers, she has the ability of moving a lot of product. She has a shoe line of her own named Chiara Ferragni Collection, which has 300 retailers all over the world. She is all set to open her own store in Milan, and will also launch an online shopping storing at Ferragni was also named as global ambassador for Pantene.

 Aimee Song, Song of Style

Aimee Song is a 29 year old interior designer based in Los Angeles. Her sense of style is California casual types and she was one of the earliest bloggers to acquire a celebrity status. She stayed on top for a long time with 3.4 million followers on Instagram, great website traffic, a Pinterest page and YouTube uploads. Aimee also has an apparel and jewelry lines to her name.

 Kristina Bazan, Kayuture

This 22 year old Swiss blogger and model was named as a brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris during October, which is quite an achievement. Her deal was a seven figure amount. She has over 2 million subscribers to her blog, and her Facebook following is among the highest among all fashion bloggers. She is associated with big brands such as Dior, Louis Vuittoon, Balmain, and Valentino.

 Julia Engel, Gal Meets Glam

Julie Engel, 23, from San Francisco launched her fashion blog in 2011 while she was in college. By 2013 her blog emerged to be a hit, and it became her full time business. She has acquired a huge fan base across Instagram, and Pinterest because of her pretty, feminine style and approach.

 Wendy Nguyen, Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy  Nguyen, based in Los Angeles has more than half a million of followers on Twitter, a huge Pinterest fan base, and an active, popular YouTube channel. Her YouTube videos have a large number of views. Wendy maintains the classic format of her blog, instead of focusing on other topics apart from fashion, which is a popular trend among fashion bloggers.

 Julie Sarinana, Sincerely Jules

Based in Los Angeles, 29 year old Julie Sarinana launched her fashion blog in 2009 and has a large Instagram following of 3.4 million. Sher sense of style is casual and accessible and she has a T-shirt line to her name.

Fashion blogging is a popular occupation these days, which many people are turning into a full time business. These fashion bloggers are considered to be among the top because of their popularity and quality.