Fashion Trends That Did Not Make 2018

In as much as letting go is hard, giving up something symbolizes the beginning of something else that might turn out to be much better. Fashion keeps on changing every year ushering in new trends while some types of fashion fades away for a while. According to the spring 18 runaway trends, some styles need to remain behind.

Shoplyfter – Series That Make 2018

While many fashion trends failed, there is one series in adult entertainment that hasn’t stopped since its launch – it’s called Shoplyfter and I think many ladies will like this fantasy. It’s all about sexy girls getting punishment for… stealing from retail shop. Taken to backroom of the shops they are stripped naked and abused by prevention officers. Sounds crazy, but remeber this is just a fantasy… that apparently many of us love!

Fashion Trends That Did Not Make 2018

Corset Belts

Kim Kardashian was known to be the queen of rocking corset belts in 2017. For a while, corset belts on top of straights dresses became every ladies new look. These belts made their curves more pronounced concealing big tummies.

Corset belts were convenient since you could accessorize almost every outfit with it and look nice. The belt style is now a thing of the past being replaced by wide colored belts to match your dress in 2018.

Fanny Packs

The fanny packs common during 1980’s came back in 2017. Almost everybody started carrying either bucket bags, baby bag packs that are customized to look like teddy bears or buckets. These mostly came in smaller sizes used to store some few accessories as you travel.

It has been efficient for some time but people are now looking for new shapes of bags in 2018. That is why fanny packs have been replaced by fringe bags this year.

Bomber Jackets

In 2017, bomber jackets have been greatly overused. All the fittings have always been accompanied by a bomber jacket on top due to a wide variety of colors. People have been using the mix and match style to make their outfits complete with a bomber jacket.

The jackets make you look young and trendy. Fashion experts decided that it is time for something new since we have seen enough of these jackets. In 2018, sharper edged blazers have replaced bomber jackets to give you a more professional look.

Cold Shoulder Look

Tops designed to completely expose your shoulders have been popular styles in 2017. Even if celebrities in 2017 have been known to make a fashion statement with the cold shoulder look, such a top limits you from being fully mobile. This style did not make it in 2018 since it has been replaced by ruffles that make you feel younger and classy.

Millennium Pink

Pink is a favorite color to most ladies. This shade was seen in most dresses and tops around town last year. Ladies are now breaking the monotony of millennium pink and adapting new colors in 2018. The new shade of purple known as lavender looks much better on outfits. It is time that you got rid of all the pink in your closet and moved with the new trend.

Skater Sneakers

These kinds of shoes have been known to match with all your jean pairs in 2017. Dad sneakers have been found to look much better than skater sneakers. This is why you will find so many people adopting dad sneakers in 2018. Models such as Bella Hadid have set the pace for everyone else to move with the flow to achieve a more attractive look.