Q1. Why are fashion blogs essential in this era?

Ever since they arrived on the scene, fashion bloggers have slowly but gradually gained influence and have reached a level where they have become the leaders to  be followed in the fashion industry. By gaining a league of fashion fanatic followers as their fan base, fashion blogs and their owners have rightly become the trusted name for brands to partner with. Giving a close competition to fashion magazines, fashion blogs are the go-to platform where you can catch a glimpse of the latest trends.

Fashion blogs serve as a medium which luxury brands can utilize to reach the fashion forward masses. Thus, in this era of fashion blogs, it is essential that you follow these blogs to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends to capture the attention of the fashion moguls, and fashionistas. These blogs started off when fashion enthusiasts with an opinions and style sense decided to spread the word through different digital means. Now these blogs and their owners have achieved celebrity statuses among the masses.

Q2. What are the biggest A/W 2016 trends?

As the top fashion blogs would point towards, the Autumn/Winter’s trends are all high on creativity. While designers are always on the lookout to rock things by offering something new every year, this year has been particularly exciting for the fashion followers. Designers have pushed the boundaries to bring a state of flux in the fashion world.

The fashion runways of Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi and Max Marra pointed towards the comeback of surreal stripes in electric colors. On the other hand, cat print has taken the fashion world by storm again. This has been evident in the Autumn/Winter runways fashion houses of Dolce and Gabbana as well as Givenchy.

The fashion of the 80’s is another big trend that has made its mark in 2016. From stilettos, leather to lace, the 80’s bold look foresees major transformation this year. Following the above trends should keep you rocking with the latest styles.

Q3. Who are the biggest fashion icons that I should follow?

While fashion trends may come and go, when it comes to making a style statement, it is best that you follow the biggest fashion icons who are making their names in the fashion world. First and foremost, a model and now actor, Cara Delevigne. With a unique fashion sense, this fashion chick is a must follow for every lady across the globe.

Another must follow for fashion, gossip, behind the scenes and other such fashion dose is The Coveteur. One of the best fashion destinations on the internet, this blog is a must-visit platform for the trend setters and the style seekers. You can find everything from fashion photo shoots, funny quotes, beauty secrets, etc.