10 Bright And Fun Spring Summer Fashion Trends Of 2019

As every time that summer is coming, we get ready to wear our flashiest most colorful outfits and look our best under the tanning sun. Summer screams bright colors and short clothing to us and this is how to pull it off. Follow these 10 fun spring summer trends and look your best this time of the year.

Black For Wife

Black For Wife - Moms & Milfs
Black For Wife – Moms & Milfs

This website is the real cyber trend of summer 2019. If you fantasize about smoking hot wives and MILFs getting crazy with their black colleagues then this series is totally for you. We explore the hidden dark cravings of these beautiful and sophisticated mature women. And we are pretty good about it. This website is already available for streaming here.

Animal Print

Animal print never goes away entirely, it is the eternal comeback. What is the fun in wearing animal print in 2019? The fun is that you have permission to wear it anyway you want it and with any other thing you feel like it too. 2019 is the year of the combinations and the bright colors, so if you want to wear strong pink animal print with a purple shirt underneath and matching shoes, you are very welcome to do so.

Fluo (Short) Shorts

This is both for men and women. When you hit the beach, this year make sure to have some colorful swimsuit, preferably fluorescent and also take good care of its length. The trend for this year is to wear really short and really colorful shorts. One tip is to avoid orange, so you won´t be called Mitch Bucannon the entire summer.


Lavender is back and big time; especially for the ladies, we´ve seen them in the runway in all shapes imaginable. Whether you want to wear just one lavender piece or an entire outfit, lavender is the hippest color for this summer/spring season. One extra tip is not to forget the sunglasses, it looks awesome with white frames and dark shades.

Tartan In Many Colors

Tartans are back and they didn´t come alone, they brought many colors with them. Fabrics with which they are made this season resemble those of the late eighties with colorful, checkered materials. Don´t be left out and show everyone tartans are cool again.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are the hippest accessory for this summer and the good news is that they come in all sorts of different colors, inscriptions and shapes. Yes, you should choose colorful, fun and trendy ones to match your outfit. Sometimes it can be a cool one-off item that can break a classic look.

Linen Suits

Linen suits are the best choice for summer and spring. They are not only for the office people, but also for casual wearing and crazy night outs. You can find them in all sorts of colors and even mix them up if you like. Linen is back, are you in?

Printed Shirts

We are talking about heavily printed shirts with colorful and fun motifs that can be anything from flowers to cars to childish Disney characters. The important spec of these kinds of shirts is that they have to draw a lot of attention by themselves as a piece of hip clothing.


Stripes are back! Yeah, they are back and big time. The ones making the comeback are the vertical ones with a white background and in diverse colors like blue, green, red and all fluo versions of them. you can combine them with plain pieces or wear stripes over stripes.

90s Retro

Not so long ago it was time for the 80s retro to take the mainstream and right now is time for the 90s to take it up too. Think of saggy pants, keychains, and of course: bumbags. There have been several differences to make this look more into a 2019 version like for example to wear your bumbag across your chest instead of doing it on your waist. Dust off your old wardrobe, it is time to wear it again.

Pastel Colors

Light pink and sky blue made a big comeback this season and we spotted them all over the runway for this spring summer. The best way to wear them is on a two- or three-piece suit, but you can also wear it in shirts, t-shirts and pants.


Looking awesome is an everyday task and it starts with your wardrobe. Following these simple tips and trends, you will be the best-dressed man of the pack. Just lay back and enjoy the warm temperatures, your newly-bought clothes will do the rest.