Future Of Fashion Bloggers

The future of fashion blogging has become a debatable topic today, as many eminent people from the industry thinks that the golden area of fashion blogging is over. However, fashion blogging is still an important practice which holds great influence with consumers. Many major brands have used this influence for several years. However, the prominence of the sponsored content model and the uprising bloggers as celebrities has caused some disdain. The future of fashion logging depends on the people who are determined to change the future.

 The power of networks

 The main task of an influencing network or agency is to form relationships between brands and content creators. While some agencies are able to manage ad platforms, others help in developing offline and online interests of their services and talents. The primary principle of an agency is the collective influence of the bloggers, but most agencies which are in the position to have that influence do no have the required understanding of doing it at a content level. The lack of understanding in reader experience, data analysis and several other aspects are indicating that agencies are capable enough of developing their maximum potential. The development of the platform at a continuous rate is very important. The development and management of in house technology assure that the bloggers get a robust platform for publishing and that they can depend on design expertise within the network for making their readers have the best experience possible. This also allows better data analysis and the potential to develop smarter campaigns.

 Engaging experience and high quality content

Online publishers have realized the value of presentation in creating content which not only depicts a story, but is present is such a way that the readers are guaranteed an interesting experience. Independent fashion bloggers

Within rapid changes taking place in the online publishing industry, fashion bloggers are kind of being left behind. In modern day and for the future. The most important thing that matters to content sponsor is audience reach. However, as the model is evolving, the blogs which hold the greatest value will be the ones that can create the ability to engage and move more audience.

 From influence to innovation

 Despite the simplicity and ease with which bloggers and their readers can be accessed, there has been a shift in the audience mentality, along with increasing constraints from different global trade authorities. This is causing brands to struggle in keeping their influencing campaigns successful and engaging. Some changes to the Office of Fair Trade rules in the UK have stated that bloggers have to declare when a post is sponsored by some brand. This dilutes the impact of a campaign.

Without companies and brands, providing financial support to bloggers for keeping their websites running, it seems that the future of fashion blogging might be uncertain. However, a new breed of bloggers are leveraging their expertise for bringing innovations in the industry.

Several experienced bloggers who have dealt with a lot of brands are becoming aware of the fact, that in order to survive in fashion blogging, new ways and strategies need to be worked out for generating revue and developing their business. Thinking outside the box is very important for fashion blogging to sustain and have a healthy future.

Are Fashion Bloggers Effective Marketing Tools for Fashion Brands

The business domain in contemporary times features intense and fierce competition. This holds true for the domain of Fashion as well. Fashion, in today’s time, is one of the major global industries and hence, it is obvious that the domain will be competitive. Blogging is one such approach that has proved its worthiness as an effective marketing tool. Fashion designers and fashion product providers have managed to gain an edge over their competitors, embracing blogging.

Blogging enables marketers to develop engaging relationship with the existing and prospective customers

Blogging supports marketers and providers to strengthen their relationship with the existing and prospective buyers. Blogs serve as a communication channel and a platform for effective interaction between the providers and their customers and clients. Hence, blogging is definitely one of the most effective marketing tools for fashion designers as well as providers of fashion products.

Blogging is the easiest yet the most effective way to make it to the global market

It goes without the scope of debate that regular and systematic blogging will enable you to carry your brand o the international market, putting the minimal efforts and within the shortest time span. Promoting the brand through blogs require the minimal investments.

Blogging enhances brand awareness

As more and more people read your blog, it raises the awareness of your brand. Remember, once the market is aware of your brand, automatically comes a boost in the sales figure. Fashion designers or providers of fashion products that have undertaken to blog report that they have experienced a significant rise in brand awareness within a short span of time. Thus, if you want to boost the awareness on your brands, blogging is one of the most effective ways to try. You can stand assured that the outcome will be delightful.

Blogs serve as a platform to know what the customers think about your brand

To attain the trust and reliance of the customers, it is important that you address their needs and requirements. Likewise, it is equally important to bring improvements in the areas where the customers want. Blogs can be the most effective platform, to exchange and opinion with the customers. In the course of doing these interactions and exchanging views & opinion, automatically there will come an improvement in the relationship between the brand and the customers. Remember, stronger is the relationship between the brand and its customers, higher will be the loyalty of the customers towards the brand. Strong customer loyalty is a point that the top-notch fashion brands share in common.

The best fashion brands and fashion designers expressed their gratitude on the concept of blogging for strengthening the standing of their blogs. Hence, you should opt for blogging with confidence, expecting to get the most delightful outcome. A blog with massive reader base will call for trust and reliance of the customers and it will uphold your worthiness. Hence, it will be easier for you to develop new business and clients. Hence, if you are yet to get into blogging, you must get it started immediately.

History of Fashion Bloggers

Fashion blog is the correct place if you want to look for anything related to fashion. These blogs will provide you with highly informative knowledge on various fashion related topics. You get to know about the current fashion statement that is prevailing in the market and the latest dressing styles that have evolved. It gives you an outlook on what trends are followed by celebrities and the latest work of popular and new designers. It is a source of information on various other topics like beauty products, street shopping, best and affordable places to buy different kinds of stuff, fashion related accessories and much more.

The beginning of the fashion blogs resulted in influencing the people to a very large extent especially fashion conscious people who look for the latest trends prevailing in the market and then they decide what to buy. These blogs are becoming extremely important for big brands to do their advertising and marketing and they also pay the owners to write positively about their brand or new products, because they know that a blog with high readership can create a powerful impact on the people.

Let us see the history of fashion bloggers

    • First of all the fashion blogs appeared in blogosphere before the year 2002.
    • In the year 2002 they slowly started emerging on the internet.
    • From one fashion blog in the year 2002 the number increased to nearly over 100 fashion blogs in the year 2006.
    • After the beginning phase of fashion blogs in the year 2002 Kathryn Finney of The Budget Fashionista was cordially invited for the event in New York Fashion week in 2003 during early September.
    • Fashiontribes.com also gained a lot of popularity in the succeeding years.
    • In the year 2004 shefinds.com was introduced by Michelle Madhok and earned a great amount of money by end of the year 2005.
    • Julie Frederickson created a fashion blogging network in the year 2005 which comprised of several things related to the fashion industry.
    • In 2005 Scott Schuman began blogging on street fashion.
    • In 2006 Manolo’s shoe blog was very famous and earned a lot of profits.
    • In 2006 many fashion blogs started reaping commercial success at a very good scale.
    • In 2008 Kelly Cook and Tina Craig of Bagsnob.Com were invited at the shows such as Diane von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta.
    • In 2009 blogger Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast went to achieve success from beginning a small website to runway of a very famous label.
    • Two fashion blogs that started around 2002 are still running and these are Look Online Daily Fashion Report and She She Me.

The fashion industry has completely evolved over the years and so have the blogs according to the recent trends in the market. Now there are many fashion blogs that are very honest in their opinion and have very high readability and enjoy a lot of commercial success. When we look back at the history we see that the fashion blogging has achieved such great heights and has far more coverage than ever. Fashion blogs have a lot of influence on people and to develop their opinions about a particular brand.

5 Lessons Learnt From New Era Fashion Blogger

A fashion blog gives you all the intricate and trending details related to the latest fashion styles in the market. The new era fashion blogs cover a wide spectrum of things such as clothing lines, various brands, the new styles that have taken the market to a crazy level, fashion accessories, street fashion, beauty related tips, celebrity styles in fashion, street fashion, places to find all kinds of stuff that you may need, the latest work of designers and popular brands, the best places for affordable shopping and much more.

Here are 5 lessons learnt from new era fashion blogger

  1. It helps to know the latest trends

With new era fashion blogging you will learn a lot about the latest trends and styles that are prevailing in the market. Many celebrities also keep a watch on such blogs from time to time and keep a check on what is the new thing in the market. Trends never remain the same way. It is continuously changing at a very fast pace. The clothing and accessories that you use today are completely different from what you may have used 5 years ago. It makes you aware of all the latest happenings in the fashion world, the new stuff that has arrived and new dressing styles that have evolved.

  1. It impacts the fashion industry

Don’t be surprised if you get to know that the fashion industry is also impacted by the fashion blogs to a large extent. The positive and negative feedbacks are very important for the fashion industry to determine exactly what are the customers liking and what are they not liking. They keep an eye on these blogs which have the power to influence people in a tremendous way and they see what the views of people are on different fashion trends by reading these blogs.

  1. It is not necessary that every advice may suit you

It is not at all necessary that each and every advice may suit you on these blogs. They may be saying something about a brand that generally a lot of people may not be able to afford. Some dressing style may totally look weird on you even if it is trending. Some beauty tips may work totally opposite for you. So you have to be aware that everything mentioned in the blog is not directed for you. They bring out an overall picture and not the specific needs.

  1. It is becoming a medium of commercialization

Blogs are slowly becoming a very good means of commercialization on a large scale. Some very good blogs have very high readership, so brands pay the blog owners to write positively about their brand or product. So the view may not be 100% neutral and objective. You have to use your mind before reaching any decision. However some blogs are highly credible.

  1. It can give you new ideas and some useful opinions

You may get various ideas from new era fashion blogger. You can combine different styles to create your own new style if you continuously read about the fashion related topics. It is a wonderful way to get all fashion related knowledge and have some very informative opinions to create something new and trendy.

New era fashion blogger have the potential to influence the readers, but everyone should see the credibility and neutrality of opinion before choosing their favorite fashion blogs.

Popular Fashion Blogs Followed By People in These Days

In today’s time, Fashion blogs are definitely the most popular source of information that revolves around the domain of fashion. Going through the fashion blogs, fashion enthusiasts can gain all-inclusive information as well as follow the prevailing and the emerging fashion trends, across the globe. The articles underneath will discuss a few of the most popular blogs that people follows these days.


Among the fashion enthusiast women in the US, this is one of the most popular fashion blogs. Zanita Whittington, an eminent model from the United States owns and operate this blog. This Aussie Supermodel in contemporary times dedicates herself in fashion blogging and fashion photography. Hence, visiting this blog, you can get to see exquisite fashion photographs, displaying some of the top fashion events. Operated by an eminent model, you will get her personal views that will enable you to strengthen your knowledge in the domain of fashion. Following this blog regularly, it will turn easier for you to keep pace with the existing and emerging fashion trends.

Rachel Et Nicole

If you are enthusiasts of alternative fashion, you will hardly have a better alternative to this blog. These New York-based sisters aim to welcome some new approaches and concepts in the domain of conventional fashion. This blog is more popular among the young ladies and the bigger girls.

Wide Eyed Legless

For the enthusiasts of minimalist fashion for women, this blog is one of the most popular fashion blogs. Owned and operated by Madelynn Hackwith Furlong who is a fashion designer, a stylist, fashion consultant, and art director. A multi-talented individual, Furlong has taken this blog as a platform to boost the fashion pursuits in women. Regular readers of this blog rate and review this blog on very high notes for the top quality information and the latest fashion news that it publishes.

Dear Milano

If you are a fashionable lady from the US and aspires to explore more about the fashion from Mexico, you don’t have a better option that this blog. To the mass, this is the most reliable and trustworthy source to get the information on Mexican Fashion. Hence, this international blog enjoys a massive popularity among fashion enthusiasts across the globe.

Andy Heart

Through her extensive effort beyond this blog, Ann Kim has taken this blog to a massive popularity. This blog serves information and update on Minimalist fashion. In this domain of fashion, this blog is among one of the biggest players. Following this blog regularly, you can boost your knowledge on fashion and styling.

Brooke Testoni

Brooke is basically a native of Australia and he is a major name among the top fashion bloggers. She shares her name with her blog and she has been a cult figure in the domain of fashion in the US as well as in Australia.

The blogs mentioned in the paragraphs above holds a few millions of readers and hence, are among the most popular fashion blogs in contemporary times.

Fashion Blogs That Are Influencing People A Lot

Fashion designers and fashion brands in contemporary times have embraced blogging as one of the most effective ways to promote their brands. On the other hand, these efforts and endeavors of fashion designers and fashion product providers are helping the fashion enthusiasts to gather knowledge on the contemporary and evolving fashion trends and information. Hence, fashion blogs are imparting a significant influence on fashion enthusiasts. The paragraphs underneath will discuss a few fashion blogs that have the most significant influences on the mass.

Girl with Curves

This blog is an initiative from Tanesha Awasthi and it holds high popularity across the world, including the residents of the US. This blog is a bit different from its counterparts. This is for the reasons that it focuses on the fashion pursuits of plus size women. These ladies were left out of the mainstream of fashion, merely for their larger and bigger physical features. In that regard, this blog enables such women to get into the mainstream of fashion. This blog furnishes information about the plus size outfits, the latest news about the new fashion brands or the latest releases from existing brands. You will even get information about the ongoing and forthcoming special offers on plus size fashion products.

The Fashion Guitar

This is an international fashion blog that revolves around women fashion. The blogger is basically based out of Netherlands and hence, this blog has the aspects of both American and European fashion trends. Visiting this blog, a fashion enthusiast from America, for instance, can make out the prevailing and evolving fashion trends in her country as well as in Europe. The statement holds true for a European lady as well. Thus, this is one such blog that will enable you to keep pace with the contemporary and evolving fashion trends in the American as well as European continent.

Lust for life

Olivia Lopez launched this blog in the year 2006 and after completing 10 years; this blog still retains its relevance in the domain of fashion. This blog has got a massive reader base that proves that it had significantly influenced the fashion lovers. Olivia has earned reputation and respect for publishing worthy information as well as for consistently serving the latest news and updates from the domain of fashion. This blog holds popularity for publishing quality fashion guides, directives as well as engaging contents that enable the mass to keep pace with the prevailing and emerging fashion trends.

What my Boyfriend Wore

Among the fashion conscious men in the US and the rest of the world, there is hardly another blog that is more popular than this one. This blog enables fashionable men to get a clear understanding of the prevailing and changing fashion trends and orientations. Hence, it will be right to say that this blog has major influences on the life of fashion conscious men.

The blogs mentioned above are among the most popular fashion blogs and holds worthy influences on fashionable men and women across the world.

Best Fashion Blogs Of 2016

In today’s time, the web domain is the largest source of information and update on all topics that revolves around the day to day life. In that regard, Blogs are the online sources of information that people most frequently refer to. Fashion Blogs are definitely among the most popular category of blogs that you will find online. These blogs enable you to keep the trend of the prevailing and changing fashion trends. The paragraphs underneath will discuss on the most popular fashion blogs for the ongoing year.


This is one of the most popular fashion blogs among the fashion enthusiasts in the US as well as from the rest of the world. This blog has developed a reputation for publishing the latest news, updates and vital information related to the domain of global fashion. Visiting this blog, you will even get information on the forthcoming works from the leading fashion designers. This is one such blog that enables women to adopt with the latest fashion trends and embrace premier fashion across the walk of daily life.


Mensusa.com is one of the top-notch fashion brand in the US and Canada. This brand runs a gallant fashion blog under the same name. This brand and blog dedicate itself to the domain of men’s fashion. This blog basically shares information about the latest releases and offers from this brand. Following this blog regularly, you can get oriented with contemporary fashion trends and keep pace with the changing trends. You can even subscribe to this blog for the receipt of free newsletters. These newsletters will keep up updated on the latest releases from the brand as well as fetch special offer coupons along with. For a significant span in the recent past, this blog has been one of the most popular numbers and in 2016 it has achieved a further rise in its popularity.


The discussion on the topic of best fashion blogs for 2016 will be incomplete, without giving a special mention to this fashion blog. This blog holds massive readership in the US, Canada and as well as in the rest of the world. The blogger keeps posting engaging content on fashion as well as furnish the latest information. It will enable you to adopts yourself with the latest fashion trends. This blog dedicates itself to the domain of women’s fashion.

Style Me Grasie

If you surf through fashion blogs, you would have definitely heard of this fashion blog that concentrates on the domain of lady’s fashion. This blog, in addition to fashion, publishes information on lifestyle, health & well-being as well as travel. Hence, this is a source for information on various topics.

The blogs named above are definitely the most popular ones for the year. Fashion enthusiasts have been immensely benefited visiting these blogs. In the opinion of the fashion enthusiast, each of these blogs enjoys perfect-10 rating for the extensive and superior quality information that it serves. The leadership of these blogs in the domain of fashion stands undisputed and out of the scope of debate.


Q1. Why are fashion blogs essential in this era?

Ever since they arrived on the scene, fashion bloggers have slowly but gradually gained influence and have reached a level where they have become the leaders to  be followed in the fashion industry. By gaining a league of fashion fanatic followers as their fan base, fashion blogs and their owners have rightly become the trusted name for brands to partner with. Giving a close competition to fashion magazines, fashion blogs are the go-to platform where you can catch a glimpse of the latest trends.

Fashion blogs serve as a medium which luxury brands can utilize to reach the fashion forward masses. Thus, in this era of fashion blogs, it is essential that you follow these blogs to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends to capture the attention of the fashion moguls, and fashionistas. These blogs started off when fashion enthusiasts with an opinions and style sense decided to spread the word through different digital means. Now these blogs and their owners have achieved celebrity statuses among the masses.

Q2. What are the biggest A/W 2016 trends?

As the top fashion blogs would point towards, the Autumn/Winter’s trends are all high on creativity. While designers are always on the lookout to rock things by offering something new every year, this year has been particularly exciting for the fashion followers. Designers have pushed the boundaries to bring a state of flux in the fashion world.

The fashion runways of Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi and Max Marra pointed towards the comeback of surreal stripes in electric colors. On the other hand, cat print has taken the fashion world by storm again. This has been evident in the Autumn/Winter runways fashion houses of Dolce and Gabbana as well as Givenchy.

The fashion of the 80’s is another big trend that has made its mark in 2016. From stilettos, leather to lace, the 80’s bold look foresees major transformation this year. Following the above trends should keep you rocking with the latest styles.

Q3. Who are the biggest fashion icons that I should follow?

While fashion trends may come and go, when it comes to making a style statement, it is best that you follow the biggest fashion icons who are making their names in the fashion world. First and foremost, a model and now actor, Cara Delevigne. With a unique fashion sense, this fashion chick is a must follow for every lady across the globe.

Another must follow for fashion, gossip, behind the scenes and other such fashion dose is The Coveteur. One of the best fashion destinations on the internet, this blog is a must-visit platform for the trend setters and the style seekers. You can find everything from fashion photo shoots, funny quotes, beauty secrets, etc.

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