Fashion Blogs That Are Influencing People A Lot

Fashion designers and fashion brands in contemporary times have embraced blogging as one of the most effective ways to promote their brands. On the other hand, these efforts and endeavors of fashion designers and fashion product providers are helping the fashion enthusiasts to gather knowledge on the contemporary and evolving fashion trends and information. Hence, fashion blogs are imparting a significant influence on fashion enthusiasts. The paragraphs underneath will discuss a few fashion blogs that have the most significant influences on the mass.

Girl with Curves

This blog is an initiative from Tanesha Awasthi and it holds high popularity across the world, including the residents of the US. This blog is a bit different from its counterparts. This is for the reasons that it focuses on the fashion pursuits of plus size women. These ladies were left out of the mainstream of fashion, merely for their larger and bigger physical features. In that regard, this blog enables such women to get into the mainstream of fashion. This blog furnishes information about the plus size outfits, the latest news about the new fashion brands or the latest releases from existing brands. You will even get information about the ongoing and forthcoming special offers on plus size fashion products.

The Fashion Guitar

This is an international fashion blog that revolves around women fashion. The blogger is basically based out of Netherlands and hence, this blog has the aspects of both American and European fashion trends. Visiting this blog, a fashion enthusiast from America, for instance, can make out the prevailing and evolving fashion trends in her country as well as in Europe. The statement holds true for a European lady as well. Thus, this is one such blog that will enable you to keep pace with the contemporary and evolving fashion trends in the American as well as European continent.

Lust for life

Olivia Lopez launched this blog in the year 2006 and after completing 10 years; this blog still retains its relevance in the domain of fashion. This blog has got a massive reader base that proves that it had significantly influenced the fashion lovers. Olivia has earned reputation and respect for publishing worthy information as well as for consistently serving the latest news and updates from the domain of fashion. This blog holds popularity for publishing quality fashion guides, directives as well as engaging contents that enable the mass to keep pace with the prevailing and emerging fashion trends.

What my Boyfriend Wore

Among the fashion conscious men in the US and the rest of the world, there is hardly another blog that is more popular than this one. This blog enables fashionable men to get a clear understanding of the prevailing and changing fashion trends and orientations. Hence, it will be right to say that this blog has major influences on the life of fashion conscious men.

The blogs mentioned above are among the most popular fashion blogs and holds worthy influences on fashionable men and women across the world.