For over four years now we made it a tradition, together with Ponton Casa Baraj Valiug, to organise a small presentation each summer of every spring/summer collection we create. The event took place on their pontoon at Valiug, a lake close to our home-town Resita. Last year in august we held the presentation of the Spring/Summer 2013 DB collection there. The place is great for such events because lots of people are there enjoying their vacation, the weather is always fantastic and the ladies wearing our colorful dresses fit perfectly in the peaceful scenery of nature, water and sun. Thank you everybody: the models, the crew at Ponton Casa Baraj Valiug, Florina Erimescu for the lovely Josephine accessories, Adriana Unguras for the make-up, Andi Popescu for the look-book photographs and Mom for the help, for making all this happen, yet again. We’ll see what this year brings!


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Ramsi on 21.05.2013

you are amazing………….

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