This is a brief history of our collaboration, friendship, life. Working together with Florina, the designer for Josephine, was more than amazing in the last 6 years. Sharing so much time with someone, so many thoughts, ideas, fears and dreams, plans, disappointments and successes, well it really does build an unbreakable bond; one that […]

Last year, while we moved into a new apartment, Adriana and Radu used the opportunity to take these lovely photographs in two of the rooms of the apartment, located in an old building in a central area of Timisoara. The custom made outfit for the shooting was made by Flo, using ideas about the fabric […]

  It is always great to be part of a team that does such great work. To know that we (me and my sister, who is a big part of the DB brand) have talented people around us, who share ideas with us, ideas that end up materialized in photographs like the ones below. They […]

  To celebrate the sample sale that we have going on and because we did not post these lovely photographs until now on the blog, here are the mood pics from the fall/winter 2013 collection. You can see the collection on our website and shop items still available in our Online Boutique here. Huge Thanks to […]

The prom season is a couple of months away, so for some inspiration I just thought it would be a great idea to share some past event/cocktail/evening dresses we custom made for our lovely, amazing and super beautiful clients! You can see below the power of a red dress. If you would like a custom […]

I just love to look at all these dresses that we made last year. So many beautiful young ladies looking so amazing! It just gives me confidence in the fact that we make ladies happy, so all that positive energy come right back to us. I often wonder about the importance of my theoretical job, […]

Blush, powder pink, nude hues are classic, elegant color choices regarding a prom dress, that is why this post is filled with lots of amazing dresses that we made last year for events such as the prom or an important wedding. So much so that this color palette inspired us for our new collection, spring/summer […]