These are all the colorful printed skirts that we created for our Online Boutique. They come in a great array of shapes and sizes and most are now on SALE, so it is the best time to get one before they are sold out. What better time than to ask Santa for a great cotton/silk voluminous skirt for next spring? Some are already sold out, others are unique, that is why it is better if you go over to our SHOP to see which one you would like, see if we have your size and just order it right away. If you have any other questions you can also contact us by email at diana[at] Have fun shopping!


IMGM1068IMGM1069IMGM1070 IMGM1071 IMGM1072 IMGM1073 IMGM1074 IMGM1075 IMGM1076 IMGM1077 IMGM1078 IMGM1079 IMGM1080 IMGM1081 IMGM1082 IMGM1083 IMGM1085 IMGM1086 IMGM1087 IMGM1088 IMGM1089 IMGM1090 IMGM1091 IMGM1092 IMGM1094 IMGM1095 IMGM1096 IMGM1097 IMGM1098 IMGM1099 IMGM1100 IMGM1101 IMGM1102 IMGM1103 IMGM1105 IMGM1106 IMGM1107 IMGM1108 IMGM1109 IMGM1111 IMGM1112 IMGM1113 IMGM1115 IMGM1116 IMGM1117 IMGM1118 IMGM1119 IMGM1120 IMGM1121 IMGM1122 IMGM1123 IMGM1124 IMGM1125 IMGM1126 IMGM1127 IMGM1128 IMGM1130 IMGM1131 IMGM1132 IMGM1133 IMGM1134 IMGM1135 IMGM1136 IMGM1137

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