Since I was a little girl, I remember my mother emphasizing the importance of genuine leather goods. Me and my sister use to want lots and lots of PVC shoes, just because they were colorful and pretty and you feel that I never have enough shoes, even at a younger age. However my mother, as wise as she was, used to seldom get us all the things that we wanted. But she did teach us an important lesson regarding the quality in the products that you buy, a lesson that guides me even now, as a grown-up getting to make my own decisions.


She did not just refuse to get us the pinkish plastic shoes that we wanted, because she knew that we would want them even more so. What she did was to let us get them and promise her we would wear them no matter what. This – no matter what – included that we had to wear the shoes even if we had blisters so painful we could not walk. And that is exactly what happened! When we got home, my feet hurt so bad that I never ever wore plastic shoes again. I would always save up to get a quality pair made of leather.

The same thing happened with the handbags and briefcases that we got. As we grew older and went to high-school, we ditched the backpack, opting for mature ways to carry our school supplies Рfor example a handbag in the style of the post-office bag and the perfect soft leather briefcase. Besides the fact that they made us look much older, like university students -and that is what every high -school kid wants Р they also did not wear out so fast.



I still have my favorite dark-brown leather briefcase in top condition and from time to time still wear it – usually whenever I have to carry around contracts and paperwork. Because a quality leather piece never ever goes out of style, and most importantly it will not hurt you, nor will it break at the most unexpected of times!

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