Going on a first date, meal round a mates, work do or anywhere that you’re not sure what to wear? There’s one fantastic failsafe item for women, regardless of occasion, dress-code or weather – and that’s the maxi dress!

There are numerous good points and positive aspects of the maxi dress. Women understand how much work preparing your legs for public viewing takes; the waxing, tanning and pedicuring takes a lot of time before you can even dare to contemplate showing them. With these floor sweeping beauties, you can be the busiest woman on earth with no time to prepare for your special event and still look a million dollars and like you’ve spent all day getting ready!


Not only does it sort out any issues with your legs that you might be enduring, but it covers a multitude of sins… Indulged in a tea and cake day over the weekend and feeling a little squidgier than usual? Then a bandeau dress will flatter your bust and leave the rest to the imagination with the free-flowing fabric underneath. You can even take it out for a slap up meal and still look like you’ve got the body of a super model wearing this style!

The nipped-in waist maxi’s are perfect for curvy, boyish and athletic figures; by either accentuating or producing that most desirable hour-glass figure. The boob-tube style again, either accentuates or creates a fantastic bust. You can also get halter-necks, dropped waists and the A-line styles to flatter all figures! You can find each style in a variety of patterns and colours to suit each body shape and all of your personalities with George at ASDA.

It’s the dress of all dresses and has even been making the news for having such a comeback! High quality global journalism requires investment. Prepare to be inundated with shots of the beautiful people on the Riviera letting their hemlines, as well as their hair, down. Yes, the maxi dress is back, and in a starring role. The easy, languid look and floating silhouette symbolizes the carefree spirit of the 1970s[1].

Now, if the designers are making them for the models to wear on the catwalks and the celebrities are in turn wearing them on the red carpets, what are you waiting for? The dress of all seasons, occasions and women is here to stay to make you look your best, whatever day you’re having!


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