Who would have thought that an online boutique needs months and months of work, in order for clients to be able to add their favorite items to the shopping cart? We have been working for months now on our own little Online Boutique, on the many skirts, dresses, blouses and jackets, on every logistical detail we needed to take care of. We can proudly say that it is online and working, even if this version is only a testing version, as we still have some things to fix and change.

What can you expect to find there? Well, from short to long spring skirts, one colored or printed fabrics, cocktail or casual dresses, blouses with ruffles or simple silk tops, fall coats, spring jackets or fur vests, you have to take a look for yourself and see what you like most! If you have any questions about any aspects of the ordering process go ahead and e-mail us at shop[at]dianabobar.ro

At the same time we need your feedback, so if you see or experience anything wrong with the boutique, please write us an e-mail or message. It will be really appreciated, taken into consideration and changed as soon as possible.

Here are some photos from the work that went into making everything happen for the Online Boutique to be actually online:

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