Florina Erimescu and me, both wearing stuff I made of course.

I traveled a lot to Bucharest this year, it takes about 8 hours to get there from Timisoara by train and it’s extremely exhausting and tiring. Besides the fact that you can not really sleep well at night, the city itself is a too busy. I love it here a lot more and right now I would not move there for anything in the world.

Anyway, there are the occasional events that I say ‘yes’ to attend, so I have to be there. When I do get to Bucharest I usually have a lot of meetings and fittings besides the main event that I have to go to.

The day we arrived we also met up with Adina Necula and Cristina Colotelo, who tried on her cherry colored wrap jacket. <3 Lovely girls. Later on Ludmila Corlateanu joined us for a cup ot hot tea and a lot of fash talk. :)

The next day I was a speaker at the Business Intro conference, where I talked about how I managed to start up with my small fashion business and how by working 24/7 one/anybody can grow little by little but steadily and surely. Corina was a sweetheart and I want to thank her for thinking of me and for inviting me. If at least one person from all the people who attended is motivated to just to whatever it is they want to do, then the trip to Bucharest was worth it.

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